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We deliver from Bendigo, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Tasmania.

General Information

Buying a Shed or Garage

All our designs are available in a range of sizes, however you should keep in mind that the wider the shed the heavier the frame steel has to be, meaning the price will be higher.

Also you should be aware if you prefer wider bays, eg: 6 metre bays, the battens and wall grits need to be heavier thus making some difference to the cost. However some of this may be offset by the reduction of some frame steel.

Our sheds can be purchased in either completed form or in part, for example you may prefer to buy a frame only or even just the trusses and columns. The greater percentage of our customers buy a frame and add to it as funds allow. We encourage this practice as it makes the purchase so much easier for people. It is not a problem with the building permit as the permit is valid for two years and after that period an extension is available. Plans are available with part orders.

Leasing and Terms

Some business people and farmers tell us leasing a shed offers great benefits to them. If you need help with finance we can introduce you to our broker who can usually help with bank finance.

Shed and Garage Prices

Unfortunately the high cost of steel means sheds are expensive, we are constantly trying new designs to offer our products at more affordable prices. For example we might ask our engineer to check out the possibility of using heavier gauge steel in our frames so that we may be able to span a greater area, we may look at stumps to see if a different type of material will do the same job at less cost? Some components we normally make ourselves are now sourced from outside because it is cheaper to do so. These are just some examples of things we might try in order to keep the prices in check.

In our efforts to keep our prices down, we don't wish to lower our standards. We have for many years been known in the steel building industry as reputable, professional people who offer quality products at fair prices and we desperately want that to continue.

Despite the difficulty in maintaining sales during this period of drought and rising steel and fuel costs, we will continue to use the very best quality materials in our buildings. We will not be tempted to use sub standard imported rubbish.

Please remember all Statewide Sheds® comply with Australian Standards and are designed for all Victorian sites.

Erecting Sheds or Garages

The cost of having your shed erected will usually be around 30% of the purchase price. This amount is rising all the time due to fuel and accommodation increases. Statewide Sheds® are one of very few firms who are registered builders actually erecting their own sheds, but like everyone, fuel costs are really having a serious impact on our business.

Rather than increasing building costs, we have tried to make shed erecting easier so that owner builders or local tradesmen can manage the job. For example we use plumbers to do our roofs, but rather than send our plumber 200kms to do a job and hope the weather is suitable when he arrives, we now prefer to get a local roofer to do the job. That way if it is too windy or if it rains the local bloke can come back the next day. Providing we do our job and make the building less complicated to erect, local tradesmen can manage without any complications and in doing so reduce the erections costs dramatically.

In our effort to simplify our sheds we have introduced a skillion roofed shed into our range. This design is so much easier to erect, providing the builder follows our instructions, this job is pretty straightforward.

Most customers are usually confident they can manage although some express doubts about setting out the site. We appreciate their concerns, this is an important part of the job and it must be done properly. We offer to do this job for our customers for $180.00 irrespective of the distance. This offer is extended to all our designs and sizes.

The alarming costs associated with erecting your shed can be reduced by organising some local help. A local builder can build our sheds because we have designed them to be built by other people. We supply easy to follow instructions, you don't need to be a brain surgeon to read them. I am available on the telephone day and night 7 days a week. If you were to have any problems you only need to call me. If it is something I need to see I will travel to the site free of any charge to you.

Permits for Sheds and Garages

All building over 9 square metres require a building permit. In some cases a planning permit may also be required.

If the combined cost of the project exceeds $12,000 you will need to apply to the building commission for a certificate of consent if you want to be an owner builder. If you don't want to be an owner builder and the cost is over $12,000 a registered builder must be engaged to do the work. The builder is required by law to take out domestic warranty insurance.

It should be noted the cost of the project includes all aspects including concrete slab, any future electrical connections, etc.

Other documents you will need are:

  • The permit application form and the fees.
  • The title certificate.
  • Site plan showing where the shed is to be built, etc
  • 3 copies of shed plans and computations.
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