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Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo
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Welcome to Statewide Sheds.

Central Victoria's best shed builders and designers. Our team of experienced master builders will ensure quality service every single time.

Statewide Sheds offer a wide variety of custom made multi-purpose sheds and garages built to suit any budget. From suburban garages to large industrial and domestic sheds built to your needs right across Victoria. We also offer a complete range of farm sheds at competitive prices.

Speak to a registered domestic and commercial builder, not a sales person.

We build carports. Gable portal sheds.
Gable farm sheds. Skillion sheds.
Roof only buildings. Industrial sheds.
Australian and heritage barns.    

We can build:
Garages, American Barns, Farm Sheds, Machinery Sheds, Horse Stables, Hay Sheds, Industrial/Commercial Factories and a whole lot more!


If you have been looking for a shed for a while you will no doubt be aware some sheds are poor quality.

If sales are down, manufacturers will try all sorts of tricks to lower their production costs to enable them to be able to offer you a shed at what will appear to be a really cheap price.

To take a few hundred dollars off a medium size shed one only has to use a thinner gauge wall cladding or reduce the size of the corner flashings etc. etc.

The major complaint people have when buying a kit shed is that after paying the full cost of the shed, they find some parts are missing or are the wrong size or colour, we know of a buyer who waited 4 months for a company to exchange all the roof cladding for the correct colour despite their paperwork clearly showing the wrong colour had been sent.

We are not prepared to lower our standards simply to sell a few more sheds, our engineer would not allow us to use inferior steel or to alter designs we have used successfully in our buildings for more than 10 years.

We are registered domestic & commercial builders.

We have a legal & moral obligation to maintain a strict code of ethics, if you were to buy a shed from us we can't guarantee it will be the cheapest but we can promise it will be a quality product.

JF Smith

Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo

DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL building practitioners

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