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Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo
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We deliver from Bendigo, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Tasmania.
Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo - FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most common questions answered:

What sheds & garages do you make?
We make large sheds and suburban type garages.
We also make commercial buildings, farm sheds, barns and aeroplane hangars.

Will I need a permit?
All buildings other than some smaller garden sheds require a building permit, in some cases a planning permit may also be required.

How do I get these permits?
You will need shed plans and computations plus other documentation. You should call us for further information and assistance.

Can I be an owner builder?
In most cases yes, but if the cost of the project exceeds $12,000 you will need to obtain a certificate of consent. Call us for further assistance and information.

Can I use a shed erector to erect my shed?
Yes. Providing the cost does not exceed $5000. Over $5000 a registered builder must be used.

What will I save if I was to erect the shed or garage myself?
Depends on the size of the shed. But, you WILL save a lot of money.

Is it a job I can do myself?
An honest answer to that question is to say that if your hopeless with tools you should not attempt this job. If you have some basic knowledge of building and you have some helpers to assist you and providing you follow our instructions you will be ok. Of all designs, our sheds are the easiest to erect. Over the years we have introduced new ideas to minimise the problems owner builders may encounter when erecting their sheds. *Refer to Budget Hints
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