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Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo
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We deliver from Bendigo, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Tasmania.
Budget Hints

Buying a shed is a major investment

Often our customers buy a frame first and add to it as funds allow. This is a good way of buying a shed without having to find a large amount of money up front. It particullarly suits owner builders as they can take their time in erecting the frame.

We are agreeable to supply you with the cladding and other components at a comparative price when needed.

As your building permit allows 2 years for completion, there are limited time restraints.

Most Owner Builders are confident about erecting their own shed but some are unsure how to set the site out, as setting out the foundations is the most important part of the job. We would prefer to do this part of the job for you if you are unsure of doing it properly yourself.

In some cases, we may offer our help in erecting the frame for you if you are unable to do this. Once the frame is erected, you may feel your OK to finish the job yourself.

We are happy to help out in any way we can. If you were to have any difficulty you only need to call us. If it is not a problem we can resolve by phone, we will come to you FREE OF CHARGE!

Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo

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Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo

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