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Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo
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We deliver from Bendigo, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Tasmania.
About Us

A little information about Statewide Sheds®!

We are registered DOMESTIC and COMMERCIAL building practitioners
Statewide Sheds® is a Registered Company
We have been associated with the building industry for many years
We deliver throughout Australia from Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Tasmania.
We are contactable 7 days a week

Design & Quality

We work closely with our engineers to keep up with advances in technology.

The role the Engineer plays in this industry cannot be over emphasized. The Engineer designs the product, determines which type and what gauge of steel is suitable, prepares all the plans and computations, and ensures that the buildings comply with Australian Standards and Building Regulations.

Contrary to what you may have been told by the shed sales person, not all sheds are site specific. Meaning that the shed you are thinking of buying may not be suitable for your land. An example of this is a lightly built shed may not withstand high velocity winds if it was built on a hill top say in the Macedon Ranges.

It is not unusual for a council when considering a building permit application to request that they be supplied with a 'site specific form'. This means that the engineer has to convince the council that the particular shed design is suitable for that proposed site.

Even though our designs are suitable for all sites, if a client was to tell us he intended building his shed on a hilltop or in an area known to have above average wind conditions, we would conduct a site inspection prior to accepting an order so that some changes could be made to the shed such as 'beefing up' the frame steel etc if it was considered necessary.

Poorly designed and badly built sheds are no good for anyone, they give the industry a bad image.

May we offer a little advice?

Don't let cheap prices cloud your judgment, it may end up costing you more money than initially expected.

Ask advice from suitably qualified people who know this industry.
Statewide Sheds & Garages Bendigo

DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL building practitioners

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