We offer a range of farm & machinery sheds at competitive prices. Our sheds are built to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

We use only 100% Australian high-grade steel and our sheds are the cheapest in Australia.

Statewide Sheds® have a range of budget design hay sheds.

Statewide Sheds® offer a variety of multi-purpose industrial / commercial sheds. Our sheds are built using only quality materials.

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THE Best Steel Shed Builders and Designers in Australia

Specialising in the design & manufacture of the highest quality farm sheds sold in most Australian States.

Thank you for spending a little time looking at our website, we hope a few tips we offer will help you in deciding which shed to buy and from which company you choose to do business with.

If you have been looking at sheds for some time you will be aware some are not so well constructed, some have frames so lightly built that we in the industry wonder how they’re allowed to be sold let alone erected on people’s land? Others are held together with tek screws etc.

Others are built with imported steel that simply does not comply to Australian standards, roof and wall sheeting losing its colour within weeks, roller doors that blow up within weeks etc, the people selling these sheds will tell you the shed is covered by the steel companies warranty, have you ever tried lodging a claim in China?

We believe our sheds are the very best quality and we clearly state every single component is made from Australian steel and designed and built to withstand Australian conditions.

We offer a complete range of quality farm sheds as discounted prices and door to door free delivery, usually within 10 days.

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Statewide Sheds® Products

  • Garages

  • American Barns

  • Agricultural Sheds

  • Machinery Sheds

  • Aircraft Hangars & Arenas

  • Horse Stables & Hay Sheds

  • Industrial & Commercial Factories

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  • Australian made steel and guaranteed

  • Registered DOMESTIC and COMMERCIAL builders

  • Statewide Sheds® is a Registered Company

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